Ana Larrea-Albert is an energetic, multicultural Executive Leadership Coach focused on high-potential executives ready to reach their highest potential. Ana was coached herself and experienced firsthand the impact of executive leadership coaching, which shortened a 7-year career growth plan into 6 months. Ana has close to 20 years of corporate expertise in Customer Experience, Marketing, Sales, Operations and Finance, and was named a 2017 Latina of Influence for her work in the women and Latina leadership space as Founder and President of LLC. Ana has established mentorship programs at local universities, volunteers to impact the lives of high school and college students, and runs leadership workshops in the US and Latin America. She works closely with women Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to train and coach female talent with the goal of filling the pipeline for greater women representation.

Throughout her career, Ana has travelled and worked with teams in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In her latest role as an executive in a European multinational company, she trained teams in Finland, France, Italy and the USA to align with the company’s strategic Customer Experience goals. Additionally, Ana’s experience managing reports including Sales Managers and Country Directors across continents and age levels has allowed her to develop a culturally-savvy leadership approach and adaptability to understand individual performance motivators. This experience makes Ana especially efficient coaching professionals with different cultural backgrounds, of all age levels and in different stages in their career.

A published author of both academic research and children’s books, Ana has held board seats at several non-profit groups focused on women and Latino empowerment across the United States, as well as currently serving in the Executive Advisory Board of the Marketing Department at Florida Atlantic University.

Additionally, Ana speaks at corporations and has served as key note speaker, moderator and panelist at marketing, women empowerment, community and leadership events. She believes in and exemplifies the importance of personal branding as an element of stepping into one’s leadership.


LLC Leadership Accelerator executive coaching program delivers coaching and education on leadership, personal branding, networking, and other aspects that truly move the needle on personal leadership performance.

With a personal history of having been coached and seeing the results, I know first hand the power of executive coaching for high-potential leaders.

If you’re ready to transfer your leadership path contact me at ana@latinaleadershipcollective.com .


LLC offers mentoring and workshops on leadership, personal branding and networking to high-potential leaders and students pursuing their MBAs, undergraduate degrees or in high school to help guide their path to business success.

Future Latina Leader Mentoring Program – Testimonial

“I appreciate you, your time and your own journey because in that you are helping others succeed and your presence and words are leaving significant knowledge into my life. Thank you for coming back to FAU and shedding your knowledge, passion and expertise to us and continuing to encourage Latinas to keep on moving.” – Catherine

Branding Yourself Workshop to Professional MBAs, Florida Atlantic University – Participant feedback

100% of participants agreed that the information they were given assisted them in enhancing their personal and professional “brand” 

Contact ana@latinaleadershipcollective.com for more information.


Harnessing Potential – Institutional Voids and Doing Business in India

This award-winning research (Best Master Paper, Academy of International Business-South East, 2015) explores India as the largest democracy in the world and why it has been an attractive and powerful market for foreign investors since its emergence into the world economy in the 1990s. India is considered an emerging market and has a vast presence of institutional voids, which present both challenges and opportunities for foreign companies interested in taking a share of the Indian market. This work aims to define the institutional voids in the product, labor and capital markets, as well as within the macro context and describe the unique challenges and opportunities present in India. To achieve this, Khanna and Palepu’s toolkits in Winning in Emerging Markets: A Road Map for Strategy and Execution are used to understand emerging markets and their consequent institutional voids.


ZeeZee Can Save the Planet | ZeeZee Puede Salvar el Planeta

This bilingual children’s book aims to inspire young girls to dream big. Following my core principle of empowering women, the owner of the publishing house, the editor and designer are all women and the illustrations are by a talented Latina.

ZeeZee has big dreams and she knows she can do whatever she dreams to be possible, even if others don’t think someone so small can make a difference. Today, ZeeZee wants to save the planet because she is worried that her favorite animals are getting hurt. She finds out exactly how she can help thanks to a wonderful friend who works tirelessly to prevent any more damage to our environment. How will you help save the planet?

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