Women Leadership Linda Lopez-Stone – Promoting Latino Heritage

Linda Lopez-Stone – Promoting Latino Heritage

Linda Lopez-Stone was inspired to pass on her Hispanic heritage to her children and her passion became finding and being the resource to raise them bicultural. To do that, she founded the online platform where she shares tips, stories and information to promote biculturalism, creating awareness of other cultures and languages, with special interest in promoting her Ecuadorian culture. Read on for more inspiration to remember your roots.

NENANI: Had you thought about moving to the US when growing up?

Linda: After graduating college, I was getting ready to go on a humanitarian mission for my church. Then, my plan was to pursue a master’s degree program in the US. As you can see, I thought I had my life very well-planned.

But a handsome old friend got in the way, and I decided to change some of those plans, and do something that I discovered would make me happier: marry him. After a few months of living together in Ecuador, I moved permanently to the US where he lived.

NENANI: What do you feel is your passion? Can you describe how this came about and how you express and live this passion?

Linda: Motherhood helped me to discover new interests and passions. As my baby grew up, the more I wanted to gather and create online resources to teach her about my heritage and Spanish language.

In the process of raising a bicultural and bilingual child, I started immersing myself in new endeavors such as planning bilingual storytimes at my local library, cultural playdates, and even teaching Spanish classes in the community.

After years of promoting Latino heritage and Spanish learning, I decided to open, an online platform to share resources, tips and stories about biculturalism and bilingualism and social good causes causes that I care about.

NENANI: What is your current profession? How did you prepare for it, both in education and prior experience?

Linda: When I am not writing about heritage and language at, I am promoting them as part of my work in the cultural outreach and enrichment program with the city of Raleigh.  It has been a fulfilling experience to be part of a team that works to create consciousness of the ethnic and cultural richness of the community where we live.

Although I hold a master’s degree in human resources, I am sure that my previous experiences in working with multicultural audiences in different industries have definitely helped me with what I love doing today. I’m also a member of Moms Rising/Mamás Con Poder, an on-the-ground and online grassroots organization who are working to end the most critical issues facing women, mothers, and families.

NENANI: What are your contributions to your community?

Linda: Creating awareness of other cultures and languages is a passion of mine. I am lucky that I can do this through different venues which helps me to touch people of all ages. In a diverse and complex world, I strongly believe that awareness of other cultures is needed more than ever before.

One of the projects that I am currently working on in benefit of my community is an event to promote the rich history and culture of Ecuador.  This free event through the City of Raleigh will be opened to all public and looks forward to celebrate my beautiful home country. I am very excited!

NENANI: What advice would you give to other Latina professional women, whether coming from other countries or already in the US, to grow in their career?

Linda: ¡Sí se puede! Through continuous education and hard work, those dreams that are planted deeply within your heart can be a reality. And who knows? You might discover new passions and interests on the way.

NENANI: Anything else you would like to share with us?

Linda: Don’t forget your roots, and the joy that is to be a Latina woman!

Thank you Linda for promoting the Latino heritage and reminding us to enjoy our identity as Latinas!


Latina Leadership Collective
Boca Raton, Florida