Humbled and grateful beyond words. The education I received during my Executive MBA at Florida Atlantic University has been a driver in my professional success and I’m so thankful to Florida Atlantic University – College of Business for this lovely feature on the work I do to give back to the community. 

It is my responsibility to share what I have learned through speaking, coaching and mentoring and to encourage others to dream big. I consider myself an ambassador for immigrants who came to the US to work hard and because of the wonderful opportunities I have been awarded, I am indebted to the country and feel that it’s my duty to create more opportunity for others.  The pride I feel from seeing my mentees and students at FAU reach for and accomplish their dreams is incredibly fulfilling, and to have my alma mater recognize the value of the evenings and Saturdays that I get to spend with them is the icing on the cake. Thank you again FAU! Go Owls!

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I’m proud to announce that Hispanic Lifestyle has named me as one of the 2017 Latinas of Influence for the work I’ve been doing with NENANI. 

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I have been honored with the invitation to become part of the advisory board of  Think Freely Latino, a project of Think Freely Media (TFM), that engages U.S. Hispanic and Latino audiences in a meaningful, culturally relevant, and aspirational conversation about how to best empower individuals to thrive, succeed, and make a positive impact in their communities.

The wonderful Sandra Mayoral Pedroarias leads this effort and together with my fellow board advisory members Anna Escobedo CabralJeyben Castro, David ContreasTeri Galvez, Allen GutierrezIsmael Hernandez, Daniel Morales, Israel OrtegaDavid Sariñanawe are working to empower Latinos and contributing to lifting up the profiles of Latinos contributing to their communities.

This is my interview with Sandra:


Es un placer conversar con mujeres emprendedoras con quienes compartes una vision de un futuro donde las mujeres Latinas tienen una presencia importante en la economía y gobierno estadounidense y en las Américas. Jackie Lopez es una Latina emprendedora que dedica su talento a motivar a otras mujeres a salir adelante en sus iniciativas. Jackie me presento la oportunidad de conversar sobre el concepto de liderazgo como Latina y de las iniciativas y futuro de NENANI. Mil gracias Jackie!

Aquí puedes escuchar nuestra conversación:


Opportunity Lives

Great opportunity to chat with Izzy Ortega from Opportunity Vive on NENANI’s mission to empower all women regardless of political inclinations. Listen to my interview starting at minute 21:26.


Opportunity Lives

Thank you so much Katrina Elaine Jørgensen for taking the time to learn more about my story and what NENANI is all about. As strong, capable women we should work together to continue the advancement of women leadership regardless of our political inclinations. As Latina professionals we contribute to our communities in so many ways and I’m proud to be able to tell the inspiring stories of admirable Latinas in the U.S.

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John Mattone

I am very careful about whom I recommend as I’m putting my name and reputation on the line. I get asked often to do so but I didn’t think twice about recommending John Mattone, renowned global leadership coach. John’s coaching was one of the reasons why my Executive MBA experience at FAU was so enriching and I believe every ambitious executive can reach their full potential with John’s help. Learn more at

A critical step towards achieving professional success is through continuous improvement and never-ending learning. Whether that learning takes place in an academic setting or in a business setting is not important. What is crucial is to keep reaching outside one’s comfort zone to allow for real growth to take place.  For me, having an MBA was a necessary milestone, so when I was able to restart the academic journey it was very fulfilling. Read more about my FAU experience here.

I had many options from which to choose for Executive MBA programs and I decided to return to Florida Atlantic University (I also have an undergrad in Marketing from FAU). I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Read here why. On April 24, 2016, the Sun Sentinel, one of South Florida’s top news source, featured my story of success as an FAU EMBA grad as told by Tracy Kolody, Special Sections Writer. Thank you Tracy and go Owls!