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My Research Adventure

When taking a chance on yourself pays off: I’m a published author of award-winning research and an international speaker because I followed Professor Daniel Rottig’s advice.

He opened the door for me to become part of the Academy of International Business Southeast and I jumped in! As an Executive MBA student I wrote research papers for just about every class and because I put in the effort I was able to participate at the AIB-SE Conferences for 4 years.

I was nominated one year for my paper on the “State of Women in the Maritime Industry” and the next year I won the Best Master’s Paper Award for “Harnessing Potential: Institutional Voids and Doing Business in India“.

I was then approached by a German Academic Publisher who wanted to publish my research as a book. I presented my 4 different research papers at national universities from Georgia Tech to FIU. Through the contacts I made at the Women’s AIB I cowrote research that I presented at the World Maritime University, the UN’s International Maritime Orientation graduate school in Sweden . All of it representing FAU.

None of it would have happened had P. Rottig not presented his students with this opportunity, had I not given myself a chance, taken the risk and put forth my best effort to write the papers and prepare for the presentations.

In my book I acknowledge Professor Rottig’s positive influence and today I had the pleasure of presenting him with a copy of my book at his Global Environment of Management class at Florida Atlantic University after talking with his students about my “research adventure”.

I hope to have inspired some of the students to take a chance on themselves and see where this EMBA experience can take them.

Go Owls!!!

To buy Ana’s award-winning research book here: “Harnessing Potential: Institutional Voids and Doing Business in India 

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