Women Leadership Valeria Hinojosa – Influencing Lives with Mindfulness

Valeria Hinojosa – Influencing Lives with Mindfulness

Valeria Hinojosa is a Latina on a mission to influence our lives through mindful living. She was born and raised in Bolivia and after working in private banking for 5 years she switched to a life of meaning. A true social entrepreneur, Valeria brings her love for veganism, yoga, mindful living and adventure to WaterThruSkin, Miami’s blog about a lifestyle with a conscience that inspires us to live a mindful life. She has travelled the world visiting the most exotic, eco-friendly, animal-loving, Yogi and soul-enriching places, and has launched WTS Connect, the world’s first conscious influencer agency. Read on to be inspired by her drive to create change in the world through her words.

NENANI: How did you become an influencer? What was your prior education and experience?

Valeria: I was actually a Private Banker when I started my blog. I was frustrated with the career and life I had chosen, and decided to create a platform where I could put my emotions and thoughts in writing and connect with like-minded individuals in the process. Never did I imagine it would get me to where I am today! I quit banking two years ago and have been blogging full-time ever since.

NENANI: What makes you proud of the work you do?

Valeria: As a conscious influencer, we don’t really see the effect our work has on our followers and readers until we receive emails or messages from them sharing their life stories and the changes they’ve made because of us. Those emails, messages and words are the fuel I use to keep going, dreaming and pursuing my passions every single day.

NENANI: What is your passion? Can you describe how this came about and how you express and live your “why”?

Valeria: Living my own life, as authentic, raw and fully as possible. As it comes. With all its ups, downs, smiles, tears, surprises and successes. A few years ago I focused my actions and lifestyle choices on pleasing everyone around me to such an extent I completely lost sight of my essence. I entered into a state of depression and denial and didn’t realize that pretending to be someone I was not was nothing more than a slow form of soul-suicide. For the past three years since I started my blog, WaterThruSkin, I’ve lived to one motto: “Be raw, be you, live fully”. This motto guided me to discover my other passions: nature, sustainability, travel, yoga, and writing.

NENANI: What are your contributions to your community?

Valeria: My blog, my words, the mindful lifestyle I promote, the agency I founded ( focused on representing conscious influencers and sustainable brands, and the non-profits I volunteer with and support.

NENANI: What advice would you give to other Latina professionals, entrepreneurs or bloggers, whether coming from other countries, or already in the US, to grow in their career and professional objectives?

Valeria: Find your passion and chase it. Find your voice and use it! Lose your fears and give it your all. Take risks when it comes to chasing what sets your soul on fire. Take entrepreneurship/ social entrepreneurship seriously. Not as a hobby. Make it a career! And above all, make time for yourself. Connect with yourself, meditate, travel, learn, nourish your body, and love yourself.

Thank you Valeria for being an example of finding your voice and sharing it with the world!

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