September 19, 2017

Sasha Byers – Helping Women through Financial Empowerment

Aleksandra Sasha Byers has the mission to help women unleash their personal power. As a United Nations’ Women Global Champion for Women Economic Empowerment, Sasha mentored and collaborated with women advocates understanding that without financial empowerment, women are limited in their lives.  Now, as a Financial Services Professional, Sasha helps women gain financial control in their lives. Her hope is to see all girls and women living their fullest, deepest, most vibrant unrestricted lives. Learn more about her journey.

September 1, 2017

Gloria Molina-Estolano – Bringing Diversity into Education

Gloria Molina-Estolano is dedicated to bringing diversity into the education conversation at the government level and uplifting the stories of impact from teachers across the country. Through her work as a Spanish teacher she became aware of the challenges of the education system and now works everyday to contribute towards the solution at Teach for America. Read on for more inspiration about her passion for education. 

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