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Bárbara Kunde Minuzzi and Daniela Arruda founded the Silicon Valley firm Babel Ventures, which raised $30 million dedicated to help entrepreneurs who struggle to receive funding. These Latina entrepreneurs have been raising large amounts of funding for real estate and high-tech companies and now they are focusing on start-ups. Ready to learn about what drives these amazing Latina immigrants? Read

Verónica Buitrón, founder of SUSPIRO, is a design artisan combining sustainability with Social Entrepreneurship, focused on pro-Fairtrade, natural materials & local production. SUSPIRO’s mission is “to revive, empower and promote the hand-made and sustainable work of the textile artisans living in the Ecuadorian Andes.” Verónica doesn’t only create beautiful and modern pieces, but she has brought the tools for artisans

Dr. Andrea Guzman Oliver is the highest ranking Latina at Florida Atlantic University and with that accomplishment comes the responsibility of not only demonstrating that Hispanic/Latina women are equally strong, competent, and as politically savvy as their counterparts, but also serving as an example and mentor for other young Hispanic/Latina professionals seeking administrative positions in higher education. Thanks to her

Originally from Mexico, Veronica Alanis got a MSc in Sustainable Design at the University of Edinburgh. After graduating, Veronica worked as a Grad Design Engineer for Electromechanical components before joining Dyson in 2016. At Dyson, Veronica worked in New Product Development for the Personal Care Category as a Design Engineer. Since joining, Veronica has completed a secondment in

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